Static-Brochure Website

Brochure Websites have unique and powerful designs that showcase the company’s products and services to the prospective buyer in an impressive way. Brochures should have eye catchy designs. Brochure Websites are suitable for constant changing business.

Brochure websites are ideal for any business taking the first steps towards establishing an online identity. A Brochure Website is exactly what it says. They are called brochure websites because they are intended as an online version of the company’s printed brochure.  It can be a really effective tool for promoting the business on the web and are also amongst the most affordable sites.

Brochure websites are not typically controlled by a control management system but the updates to brochure web sites are normally carried out by web designers.

Brochure websites are normally favoured by small to medium sized businesses that do not have a need to make constant changes to the content of the site.  If you wish to display information about your business in a clear and well designed format, but do not have a need to make constant changes to the content, then a Static Web Package is the perfect solution.

Brochure sites are typically designed around company colours, logos and content and then left alone.

There are two types of brochure website. One is content managed and powered by a database. These websites allow our clients to update their content themselves and can be termed as dynamic. The other type of brochure website is static in nature, with a fixed number of pages and content.

A Brochure Website generally holds the same type of information that you find in a company brochure. It provides a sufficient amount of space to sell your products, services, or display your companies contact details to new customers online.

The Brochure sites are perfect for those looking to establish a web presence, who may not have a large budget to work with.