Irish Language Website Translation

Do you have an ‘as Gaeilge’ version of your website?

Seo Éire - Irish Translation for WebsiteSeo Éire offers a complete website translation service for organisations who wish to provide their customers with a Gaeilge/English bilingual web experience. Seo Éire is a  provider of professional website Gaeilge localisation to governments, corporates and online businesses around the island.

Website Localisation

This is much more than just simple translation. It requires up-to-date cultural knowledge and marketing skills as well as linguistic skills. Our native-speaking, qualified translators know what works and what doesn’t in the Irish language and can help you tailor your message. Here are some examples of how I can help:

  • by working directly on your web source files
  • by assisting with redesign directives where needed
  • by providing a truly local message that will resonate with your customers
  • my web experts are experienced in all major platforms to ensure your website’s crucial elements such as HTML code and style sheets are kept intact

Official Languages Act 2003, the principal aim of which seeks to ensure better availability and a higher standard of public services through Irish. Note: I am in the process of getting the Gaeilge content ready for this website, you will see the bilingual version very soon. Déan teagmháil liom / Contact me.