Information Architecture

It’s all in the planning

Information Architecture (IA) is the practice of structuring information for a specific purpose. For most people this means getting someone to do a quick sitemap and hoping for the best.

IA Post-it notes

But good IA is about more than pumping out a sitemap and a couple of wire-frames. It’s about understanding how websites work, integrating best practice usability, allowing users to find content quickly and, ultimately ensure each visit reaches the goals you’ve set.

Great Information Architecture = Best practice + experience

I can offer years of online experience, having built and project managed websites and created countless emails, online advertising, campaigns and more. Information Architecture requires that you have to put thought into the structure, design, copy and user paths for your site before you just go ahead and just throw something together. I can help you work through the key aspects of IA, which will involve:

  • Identifying audience
  • Understanding audiences needs and wants
  • Planning content
  • Outlining customer journeys
  • Applying best practice in design, copy, SEO and more.
  • Ensuring usability

The benefits of employing an experienced IA are huge. It’s worth investing in the IA stage as a properly planned and structured site will save you time and money later down the track. I can help you:

  • Create a clear document /plan for your project.
  • Improve team understanding  (designs, copywriters, codes, end users).
  • Identify responsibilities (who is doing what?).
  • Improve the accuracy of your estimate, timeline and resource planning.
  • Help set internal expectations.
  • Improve management of change requests.

Contact me

So, if you’re after an information architect call me now in Dublin on 087 248 5328 or contact me.